12 Swap

12 Swap is a cute little match the smiley face puzzle game. It has two distinct modes of play. The first you just select, sit back, and match little smiley faces until the board runs out of selections. If you want to you can get genius with it and plan out how matched smiley faces will better your odds of getting points. Each round in this mode is dependant on how many points you get before you enter the next. As the rounds increase so do the amount of smiley choices. If you can manage to get more then 3 smileys in a row or have multiple matches as the board changes then you will be rewarded considerably more points.

The second mode of play however is for the more tedious loving individuals. You will be setup with a timer and every round you will be given half of the credit needed to complete the round. As time passes on you lose credit but with every set of matches you make you will gain credit. This creates a battle against time to make matches as quickly as possible. If you are sly and quick with the eye, you may complete rounds in 5 moves, but if you are slow... Well we still love you.

Historically this is the first complete release of Nighsoft. This game however was not exactly of the masterminded methods of Nighsoft. It was a financed project by a start up company named all4fun. For whatever reasons it is suspected that all4fun has left the gaming industry, essentially turning this game into abondonware. Until further notice we do welcome you to play it, and if you have an interest for programing then you may be happy to know this game comes open source with both the linux and windows downloads. Enjoy!!!

This game was financed by all4gun games, and due to a tight budget it was forced into completion quickly.